November 8, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday, 8th Anniversary, and Big Weekend Out

We just returned from a kid-free weekend. Our relaxation tank has been near full for the first time in two years, and our love tank is overflowing. We walked in the door, and James came running: "Mommy! Daddy!" Yay... it was so very sweet. We received excited smiles and spitbubbles from Stella, with a bit of dadadadada, and bababababbaba. It is fantastic to be home.

Friday started out awesome. Massages and lunch at World Peace Cafe in Sandy Springs. We checked into the Ritz in Buckhead around two o'clock and then took a three-hour undisturbed nap. Amazing. We had a bit of a Top Chef foodie themed weekend. All we did was eat and sleep. First on Friday night, we had drinks at the Lobby Lounge then went to Craftbar - chef Tom Colicchio's Atlanta restaurant. Craftbar was incredible. I had a cauliflower, collard green and black truffle oil soup and salad. Jason (being a terrible vegetarian, I might add) had the pork belly and bone marrow. Ick. But he loved it. The atmosphere at Craftbar was incredible. Very woody and amazing and warm.

At 9:00, we hopped a cab to Woodfire Grill, restaurant of Top Chef's current contestant Kevin Gillespie. Our reservation was for 9:30, and by 10:30, we had still not been seated. This did not bother us at all because we were seated in the bar area and they fed us complimentary snacks. Snacks make everything better. And wine doesn't hurt.
By 10:45, we had been seated at an incredibly cozy table in the corner... on our way to the table, there he was - Kevin! Now, I had my hopes that we would see him. Afterall, this season of Top Chef had not quite wrapped yet, so I could assume that he would be back at his job. But these were just Top Chef hopes. But there he was, right in the open kitchen and going to prepare our food. I was so stoked.
By midnight, after a five course chef's tasting menu, with special vegan dishes for me (yay!) and scallops, quail and more pork belly for Jason, Kevin Gillespie came to our table to check on us. After apologizing repeatedly for the wait (as if we cared! we had a blast!), we chit-chatted about Top Chef, the new notarity of Woodfire Grill. So cool. Nicest guy in the world. He took pictures with us, and sometime around 1 am, we were back in a cab to the hotel. This night was the most amazing date. Ever.

Saturday was much more laid back and uneventful. Lunch at Sunflower Cafe, followed by a ridiculous nap. Dinner at Bluepointe, drinks at Twist, back at the hotel by 11. Nightynight.

I started to miss the babies pretty bad come Saturday evening. By Sunday morning, I was throwing clothes into any suitcase I could find... I was ready to come home.

Seeing James and Stella after three days apart was amazing and delicious. Sometimes I miss the "single" life, just me and Jason. But all it takes is a day away...and I miss those babies with all of my heart. Thanks to Staci for giving us this amazing weekend. I started my 30th year with a bang, and with a cup full of love, joy and gratefulness.

Love to you all -

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Suzy said...

How cool is that?!? (I'm not really a foodie, but I do really like Top Chef!) What an amazing weekend you had! Happy 30! I hit it this past August, so I am feeling ya, chick. And I'm so glad you got to hit it with style.