November 18, 2009

Self-Righteous Parenting

I find it incredible...the self-righteous parent. You know 'em- those who think their children do no wrong, need no discipline, should be given everything under the sun. The parents who find no humor in the ridiculousness of a two-year old temper tantrum....those that think poop is improper to discuss. Really? Since when is poop not funny? Oh, right. You think it's not funny - you, the self-righteous parent.

Ah yes, the parents who really believe that they have raised the perfect child (that children really are not born sweet/difficult/colicky/strange/silly; that it is all about their excellent parenting only); that it is acceptable on some planet to let their child dictate his/her own bedtime, birthday presents, family vacations... that it is some sort of crime to spend a weekend away from the children.

To you self-righteous parents, I say: good luck. I am staying tuned to see your self-righteousness come to full fruit during your perfect kid's teenage years. Whooo-hooo.
A funny two-year old temper tantrum is temporary; a lifetime of a disappointing, spoiled, ill-disciplined child living at home because you have created an emotional imbecile... well, that's forever.

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