December 8, 2009

Dear Mr. Lion Puppet

Dear Mr. Lion Puppet-

You didn't even make it one whole day in the hands of James.

And where did your eyes, nose and half of your snout run off? And your tail? There's only a nub where your glorious tail once was.

Did it hurt your feelings as ever-eager two-year old James pulled your arms and legs apart, shouting "Lion arm! Lion leg!"

Were you pained as he hand-picked your eyeballs from their paper bag sockets: "Lion eyes! One! Two!" while stealthily hiding them who knows where?

Like Chuck Norris, James is a bit of a ninja. Also, like Chuck....James giveth, and the good James taketh away.

Rest in peace, little buddy.
Maybe your puppet cow friend will fare better.

Deepest sympathy -

James' Mom

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