December 7, 2009

JD in Puppet Making

So our nanny is out sick today, and I am home playing real mommy today. Proof is in the pudding - when I woke James up, he said, "Wow! Mommy's home!" Okay, so my two-year old already understands that mommy being home is a total crapshoot. But I believe it makes me being home significantly more special than if he saw me hovering over him like a hawk every single day.

Anyway, we've had a great morning, despite both of the kids having a new cold of some sort. Stella's been coughing and her nose running loose all over the place. James has had a hanger-on cough for the better part of two weeks. Strangely, three doctors visits later, the diagnoses being that both are just fine with minor colds.

For breakfast, we all had organic blueberry waffles (okay, frozen, but still) and fruit. Sang countless rounds of ABC's with the special (Q-Walrus-T-U-V) version. And then while Stella "read", James and I embarked on a "huge" art project - that being the art of the lion paperbag puppet.

Well, it was a huge success. Minimal glue on table and hands, and no temper tantrum when the puppet couldn't be held immediately. 10:30 am - no big catastrophe's and a lion paperbag puppet?

Heck, who needs a law degree? Today, I got my JD in puppetry.

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