December 16, 2009

Polygamy? Schmiglamy.

So yes, deep down, I understand why polygamy is illegal. And oppressive. And gross.

But the more busy life becomes and the more I have to do, I am really thinking that I need a sister wife. Now, I must be the First Wife, no questions asked about that. But I kinda "get" it, at this point. Imagine...someone to do half the chores, the laundry, the bills... the stupid day-to-day stuff.

"Whoa there, Angela. I'm sorry, but tonight is your night to roast the butternut squash." Wait, that sounds a little pervy in terms of polygamy. Let me try again.

"Whoa there, Angela. Tonight is your night to hunt down and fold the socks."
There. Now wouldn't that be nice?

On second thought, I really need my very own wife, but I'm not sure there is a term for that (whilst keeping my husband, mind a non-lesbian kind of wife...I think I am missing all the jokes here). In other words, I want to keep the husband- I just want another wife around to assist with all the wifey things. And the childrearing.

Therefore, the applications are officially open to be my wife. I promise not to be overly bossy. Just a little bossy. And we can get mani-pedis every three weeks. But you have to drive.

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Kelly Koenig said...

Girl I think we share a brain sometimes. I've often wondered how much easier my life would be if I had a wife to share the day to day tasks with. Let me know how the search goes.