December 31, 2009


1. Be the best wife I can.
2. Be the best mother I can.
3. Be the best lawyer I can.
4. Sleep more.
5. Eat less.
6. Pray more.
7. Doubt less.
8. Laugh often.
9. Forgive always.

And in the true spirit of me, I think number five will be the hardest for me to maintain.

May this be a wonderful year for all of you.

And a special happy birthday to my baby girl, who officially turns one today. This little girl - a baby who used to crawl over to me to be held...but who now crawls over to me, as simply a grip for a place to stand up... so she can take off walking, going her own way. Time flies. I'm determined to soak it all up. This year must be the best yet.

Happy New Year, from James & Stella.

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