December 6, 2009


Thanksgiving was a great time. Last year, I was enormous and pregnant with Stella, and really it took every ounce of gumption I had to cook crockpot mac and cheese (and we all know how difficult crockpot cooking is).

This year was considerably "easier," in that I wasn't hauling around (ah-hem) 60 pounds of fetus - but it was still quite the challenge, kid-wise. My folks came up along with my grandparents. We had a big ole turkey (not a tofurky) cooked by Jason, and cooked to perfection it appeared. Lots of salad, stuffing, homemade biscuits. It was a pretty big success and "a good time was had by all who were in attendance."

Poor Stella girl was sick most of the week, and she was not in the best of places. But being the Southern lady she is... she was a trooper. James held approximately 20 puppet shows, so the entertainment was grand.

The following day, we humped it to the Christmas Tree farm. James was in true 2-year old form, but we still managed to have a nice time with the "grandpa goat" and the baby goat.

After everyone left on Saturday and it was just the four of us again in our "quiet" house, I asked James if he had a nice Thanksgiving. He said, "Yes, happy. Tankgiving. Happy."

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