January 3, 2010

Old School

In the year long mission to rid the Atwood house of all remnants of my former hording life, Jason and I are burning all of our old CDs to computer and iTunes.

Tonight, I am sitting on the couch, watching "the Cutting Edge" and burning "Jagged Little Pill," and I cannot help but think about the songs that James and Stella will know and love throughout their life. Alanis Morrisette is a serious teenage angst artist for me, taking me back to my old Mustang and one specific night driving down Abercorn Street in Savannah - completely free - well, free at least until 10:30 curfew.
Both of the babes are quite musical. But perhaps all children are. But what music will they love? James and Stella dance and sway their heads to all kinds. Jason tends to sway them to country and rap. I like the top 40 and the folk stuff. Yesterday, Stella got down to some old school Tori Amos in the Pilot on our way home from the doc. My girl.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to know these little people, to see them both develop their own voices and opinions, taste in music. The development of the children is so fascinating to me, and especially in this technologically driven world. For instance, tonight James wanted me to tell him a story while he was sitting in my lap at the dinner table. I told him about the Little Mermaid (well, an abridged Disney version) and he wanted to see the Little Mermaid. So we went online and found a picture. He said, "Oh, okay. Mermaid." But then we went to You Tube and found video from the Disney movie, Arial singing "Part of Your World". Instantly, he was obsesssed, and a little smitten with ole Arial, wanting to see the video again and again. He will probably marry a redhead...just from tonight. The power of music and technology.

Well, back to the grind of work tomorrow. Singing a song of sadness tonight. It's been a nice break.

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