January 7, 2010

Snow and Sadness

Tonight it snows. Big news for the Southern folks. A 25 mile drive from work... I'm probably "snowed" in tomorrow. Two years in Atlanta has taught me: 1) do not attempt to drive with idiotic ATL snow drivers; and 2) bring home a pile of work each night in case of inclement weather. Check, check.

I hope for a big play snowday, sometime between drafting a motion for summary judgment and preparing for court on Monday. Snow day. The best part of being the South. Bundled babies, snow, a camera. Delicious.

Tonight, things are changing professionally, life is changing. I know it. I sense it, and I know it, and I cannot speak of it (because I really don't know what the heck is going on). Things are about to be different, and I will face this fact by noon on Monday. My limited information knows that things are in the works...and my 7th sense knows that things will never be the same.

When I was small, I never understood what the "peace that passes all understanding" meant. Now, I feel it in my veins. God has a hand, an infinite wisdom. My personal life is in the peace. And the rest.. it's all in the stars. But if half is at peace, I consider myself a lucky ducky.

Love to all -


Emilie O. said...

Well said, m-

kelly said...

Best thing to do is just hold on and take a deep breath when the ride gets really bumpy. Saw this on a church sign, wrote it down and it has become the song that Spencer, Madeline and I sing in the morning: "God had a plan before you had a problem..."
Good Luck and hey-why not bit the bullet and just starting writing for a living?? You could do it! :)

Meredith said...

Thanks guys. :)

Sandy said...

Sounds like you have a good plan in hand for weather and getting the job done. Must have been a girl scout in your youth? lol

I'm visiting all Bridge and Beyond Members and Followers today to ask people to double their efforts with their knitting and crocheting, to blog about the cause, and or add our badge to their blog to help spread the word.

Many thanks and have a great wkend.