January 22, 2010

Sweet Baby Bruisers

Last night, I swore the Atwoods were on hidden camera. But not the funny hidden camera. A new kind of freaky hidden camera where all the pranks are so not funny.

First, James managed to squeeze his grubby little fingers in the door jamb...then those little precious fingers were shut in the door by Jason (accident, of course). James was hysterical for about five minutes, but the fingers swelled down nicely and he was fine rather quickly. Crisis 1, averted.

Next, there were several tantrums and random spills - from milk to exaggerated falls on the floor. Both kids, dropping like flies. What the....? Stella down, then James, then Stella again. No big crisis at this point, but the house was just so loud in these moments, crying and wailing...with an air of strange tragedy looming.

Finally (and the worse of all), Stella picked a fight with the television table. She lost, and sacrificed her left eye area. Horrible. A real, live shiner. I cannot bear to look at that sweet baby face. She was also hysterical for five minutes and then, she was fine.

Now, Jason and I are another story. I was a mess after seeing Stella's black eye, and Jason felt so bad about the door jamb situation. All of this happened (no kidding) within a twenty minute period. After the kids' were snug as bug, Jason and I both fell onto the couch and stayed there for about three hours - in bed by midnight (three hours past my old lady bedtime), and not even a prayer for waking up on time to miss traffic.

Friday has been (so far)... not quite as freaky as Thursday. Thank goodness.
Happy weekend, ya'll!

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