January 2, 2010


So we have our big talker Stella. She's a quiet girl to begin with, so she's a lady of few words... but so far we have: Dada; Mama; Buh-buh; and Uh-oh (my favorite!)

There was alot of the "uh-oh" today. I took Stella to the doctor (yes, on a Saturday) because she had what appeared to be blood in her poo. Yikes. So we go to the doc, and wait for two hours alongside the sick and afflicted, flu-ridden munchkins, only for the doc to tell me that the antibiotic she was taking for her cold actually causes red poo.

Now, I am big fan of diagnosing my children online before heading to the doctor, and I found this information before the visit. I asked the nurse when I called. I asked the lady at the front desk: could the antibiotic be causing this? No one said anything.

Then once we meet with the doctor, she's enraged that no one told me that yes, an antibiotic could be causing the bloody poo. The Doctor promptly calls it a "no charge" visit. At this time, Stella says "uh-oh" and I'm thinking, darn right uh-oh... there goes Saturday.

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