February 7, 2010

Down Under

Let me tell you, after yesterday and today, how I am so glad my husband is on the big bird, on his way back to the States.

The kids were down for a nap today, and I finished a painting for my new office. I still had about an hour before they were scheduled to wake up so I thought I'd lay down. I took the finished painting on the back deck to get some sun and dry, and I passed out in the bed for an hour.

A while later, the monitors went off with both kids crying, and I popped up, ready to do the nighttime routine. I wandered out into the living room... and gasped, as I saw the back door, wide open.

I thought, I really cannot take much more of this.

There it was. The door stood wide open, and the wind was blowing into the house. I could hear James and Stella rustling around upstairs, and I thought, oh my God, someone is in my house.

I dashed back into the bedroom and grabbed the handgun. As I crept around corners, opening doors and closets and the garage. I went upstairs, checked every nook and cranny. Nothing. No one was here.

One solid heartattack later, I realized, I must not have locked the back door when I took the painting outside, and the wind must have just blown it open while I was napping. It made sense - happens all the time, if the door is not shut properly.

Still, does not make me feel any better about my household management skills sans husband.

I'm glad you are your way home, honey. If not for the sheer fact that I miss you... but then, for the fact that I cannot remember to shut doors and I almost lose children down hills while you are gone.

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