February 19, 2010

The Idiocy Continues

So last night, I pour a nice glass of cabernet and prepare to plop down with the tube. The kids were in the bed and Jason was at a business meeting, so it was quiet time central. Hooray.

However, somewhere in between picking up my wine glass and making it to the couch, I manage to not only drop the glass on the floor, but also knock the entire bottle of wine off the counter. And yes, smartypants, it was my first glass. I'm replaying this in my head, and I'm really not sure how I managed such destruction. Unless there was some sort of spontaneous dance move, which I just cannot recall....

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BarbaraMaysBurns said...

Had it been me, I would have spilled it as well. Do you think it's acceptable to put wine in our kids sippy cups, so WE don't spill?

If not a spill, I would've placed the glass down, and forgotten about it. All within a matter of a few steps. I would have gone on a maddening hunt for the glass, only to have it turn up right in front of me. Or in the baby's room....

Oh, but it would've been beer. Not wine.