February 22, 2010

Poop Patrol II

Seriously. Apparently, our dear boy is at the digging-in-the-diaper-and-fishing-out-the-poop stage. I walk into his bedroom, smell it first, then see it. The little rabbit pellets everywhere. On the floor, in the crib. and I say, "Oh, boy buddy."

Then he looks up and says, "I sink." Yes, dear son... you do stink.

I was at home this morning and he did it. I washed everything and him...yet, I could still smell poop. I swear our house smells like we run a zoo.

Then our nanny called me about five hours later. He went fishing again during his nap. She suggested I buy footed, zip-up pajamas to prevent him from actually getting to his diaper. Genius. I have ordered four pairs.

Although, he hates footed pjs... but not as much as I hate nomadic poop. He will wear the jammies and like them.

I cannot handle this. I cannot. Help me! As if poop isn't bad enough, when contained. Poop should stay in diaper. POOP SHOULD STAY IN DIAPER!!

1 comment:

stephanie said...

Oh how I feel your pain! We went through this last summer, and it was the closest I've come to really losing it with the munchkin. If James figures out how to get out of the footie pajamas, try duct-taping his diaper closed. It works. I swear. :)