February 13, 2010

Snow Babies II

Snow babies. We had a snow day around this time last year, but this time both babies were able to enjoy it. Stella accepted the puffy jacket with grace today, and we had a great time playing in the snow. James aptly pointed out that Snowman Steve on the back deck had no nose, so Jason dug up one of the frozen carrots from our square foot garden. James sighed with relief, saying "Eyes. Nose. Mouth. Snowman happy." To me, Snowman Steve looks a little scary.

Snowman Stan is in the yard, and stands as tall as Stella. He was more handsome. Less freaky.

I couldn't find James' gloves, but he looked dashing in Stella's pink mittens. Sorry, bud.

Stella has no fear of the snow (or anything, for that matter). She loved her time outside and cried and stared out the backdoor, once brought inside.

These are the moments, I swear I will never forget.

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