March 7, 2010

The Babysitter's Here

I cannot believe I am at a time in my life where I have babysitters. Not for me, but for my children.

Babysitters are of fundamental importance, not for the parents, but for the children. I had an amazing babysitter growing up, named Jamie. She was a strawberry blonde and beautiful, and spectacular. I was five, and I wanted to be her (and I think I still do...) When I was seven, people would ask me my name, and I would say "Jamie," and I'm pretty sure my parents were unaware of this. OMG- Jamie had a Garfield room, with a bona fide Garfield phone. She drew a little circle above her "i's" when she wrote, and I could not believe she was my babysitter. She could also draw Garfield, as if she wasn't cool enough already. Holy cows!

She had a real purse with gum in it. She would come to our house and sunbathe during the day, when she wasn't sitting for me. I would peer out the window and dream of the day when I would be allowed to wear a bikini. She had bottles of "Sun In", and I swear she really sparkled out in the sun.

I lost my first tooth when she was sitting me. I remember biting into some sort of sandwich, the taste being slightly off, and she was there to tell me that I was missing a tooth. Thank God she was there. Oh, I got to see "Step by Step" video by New Kids on the Block on MTV for the first time at her house (because I wasn't allowed to watch MTV). She tolerated my lame television shows, and I loved her with all of my four to eleven year old heart.

A few years ago, I heard this song by Dar Williams, and I cracked up and cried all at once. While it's not 100% lyrically accurate, it completely has the vibe. Jamie would come to my house, and I would think: "OMG, the babysitter's here!"

Love ya, Jamie. Even though I'm thirty....well, I'm pretty sure... you are and will always be my hero.

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