March 23, 2010

Mr. Spoon Payback

Mr. Spoon made an appearance at the house about three or so weeks ago. He's been a pretty effective learning tool so far. One glance at Mr. Spoon, and James seems to understand the world a little more clearly.

And I will say it again - if you think children do not need a little Spoon-age sometimes, then you :
(1) are delusional;
(2) are not raising Sir James; OR
(3) have the perfect kid.

If the latter, then whooptee-freaking-good for you. Watch your mailbox for the cookies I am baking for you! (Don't hold your breath, and if they arrive, you should have them forensically tested. Just saying.)

Alas. Mr. Spoon has come back to haunt me.

Last night, James went rummaging in a kitchen drawer. He found something. I saw him run off, hiding the object from me. He was squealing in delight, the evil-I've-found-it! squeal, and I was not sure the booty he scooped. But at least I knew it didn't come from the knife drawer, so that was good.

A few minutes later, James and Stella were in the playroom. James withdraws the object - a small, blue plastic spoon. He holds it above his head, points it at Stella, and runs toward her saying, "Oh no, Sissy! Mr. Spoon! Mr. Spoooooon!"

Yikes. Back to the discipline drawing board. Again.

Better dust off the naughty hats, dunce caps and sad face stickers. Somehow James "duncing" Stella does not seem quite as deplorable.

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