March 9, 2010

My Cake in the Potty

So you all know I was totally stoked about my new book by Sloane Crosley. I had just started chapter three and my dear darling daughter managed to throw it into the toilet. Not once. One time, I would have pretended it didn't happen, set the book out on the back deck to dry and try to forget why the pages were so crinkly. Once would have been manageable. Oh, no.

She dropped it in the toilet twice. Twice!

Dear Ms. Crosley,

Yes, I really really really love your book. So much so, that I will be purchasing another copy in order that I can get to the part called "Smell This," which my friend Mandy swears is a riot. I love the title of that section... which is steep with the irony of my first copy of your first book being placed gingerly in the toilet. Twice.

Your Biggest Fan of the First Two Chapters

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