March 21, 2010

Somebody Please Stop...

...the crying, whining, tantrums, fits, squealing at everything and nothing at all, plates thrown on the floor, the throwing of spaghetti/lo mein/ketchup against the walls...

...the boat full of water on the bathroom floor, the double feet smash into poop during a diaper change, diaper digging, poop pellets!, spilled milk (oh the spilled milk!), the stabbing of the toothbrushes, the consistent use of the word "NO!"

...the squished peas, the brazen disobedience, the climbing (oh the climbing), the bumping of the heads and knees, the sibling to sibling slapping/pulling/smacking, the stealing of toys/games/cards/food/hair, the stealthy banging upon my laptop, use of the "delete" button

...the pulling down of diapers/wipes/towels/blankets from the changing table, the destruction of the neatly folded laundry, the tearing of books, the stealing of mail, the dropping of things into the toilet, the destruction of my cell phone, the random dialing to New York City while hiding behind the couch

...ripping hairclips from my hair, breaking necklaces, pulling earrings from my ears, biting my shoes, falling down the stairs/hills/sidewalks/carseats, jumping from chairs, climbing behind blinds, the obsession with the broom

...Sesame Street, Super Why, Calliou, Dinosaur Train, Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa, the Land Before Time V


Well, if all that stopped, I guess that would mean I'd be childless. Okay...I'm dreaming of that for a moment. No good. Alas, what would I do with all that "free" time?

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