March 10, 2010

Stinky Feet

My feet are stinky. This is a new thing. I'm a tad perplexed by it. Never had stinky feet before. I'm wondering if it's the shoes I am wearing. Although I've been wearing these same pumps for like eight months and have not had the stinky feet issue until today. Maybe it's the fact that I've been wearing them for eight months....hmmmm.

To do list: buy new shoes (or find another pair to wear).

Good thing I have perfected the art of breathing through my mouth. Diapers will do that to a person. The second the "rip" sound happens taking a diaper off, the nose closes. Instink. Er, Instinct. So, I have been breathing through my mouth most of the day, avoiding the smell of my own feet. I wonder if our network administrator could smell my piggies when he was in my office adjusting my second monitor. Maybe that's why he tripped over my lamp on the way out. He was trying to find a quick escape.

The hand sanitizer on my desk seems to be working well. A squirt every fifteen minutes seems to be keeping the stink-o-rama at bay. But I don't really want to get caught doing that. Even though I am blogging about it, and now everyone will know I spent Wednesday in my office rubbing hand sanitizer on my stinky feet. Rats.

Stella has stinky feet too. James, I haven't noticed so much. Maybe it's a thing with the women in our house. If my feet stink tomorrow, I think I will be devastated. What does one do about stinky feet? Really? Can't really wear socks to work. I am kinda in a "heeled" profession. This is stressing me out.

Too much information. Sorry.

I needed something to write about while took a break and ate my stinky sandwich from the stinky sandwich shop downstairs.

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