April 25, 2010


When Jason and I started dating back a hundred years ago, his mom had these three cats. I had never seen anything like it - she would spread catnip on the floor and these crazy cats would roll around and whine and act like they were on crack.

These days, I am the catnip and my kids are the cats.

I walk in the door from work, and James or Stella (or both) turn into four-legged felines. If I sit down on the floor with them, they'll crawl all over me and make weird gutteral noises. James will rub his back against my legs, and Stella's clawing at my hair. And it doesn't stop. For hours. Until bedtime. This is the most bizarre thing. Jason does not have the catnip effect - just me.

I would consider it endearing, but it's a little nuts. I'm wondering if it's my new perfume...

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