April 13, 2010


Stella girl is wearing a dress of mine. My mom managed to keep it in pristine condition for well over twenty-eight years. Such care taken to hold this dress for my daughter. I was quite overwhelmed with the responsibility. I think Stella was too. Therefore, in protest, she attempted to destroy the vintage smock by diving into the square foot garden and crawling around on the pollen covered deck. She rolled around in the grass, bumped up against the house. She pulled the dress over her head, as if screaming "bring on the pants!"

She may have her mother's sense of style (hopefully, not...as I have none), but she definitely has her father's degree of daredevil.

Thanks, Mom for hanging on to this dress for us. And while these two gals do not embark on dresses very often, Stella and I are quite thankful for the stylish sentiment.

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