May 15, 2010

Piece of Meat

The look on my co-workers' faces as I dove into a mushroom swiss burger at lunch on Thursday said all I needed to hear. They are all meat-eaters, but I have not been, for a while... and then I just started eating crap again. I was an excellent vegan for four months, and then I let a few eggs in... then cheese. Next thing I know, I'm jonesing for Krystals and making cheesecake. So the coworkers were not being judgy-wudgy, as they are omnivores themselves. They were just trying to figure me out and what in the world I'm up to now. Well, if only I could figure me out... then I could hit the road on a million dollar self-help tour, and can this whole legal thing.

People are blown away when you mention a vegan lifestyle. For me, it was not about the animals, the environment, the kindess of a vegan diet (although these are all desireable side-effects). I just felt so darn good not eating things with fur and dairy and overall indigestible logs of food.

So why am I eating trash and not treating my body, my mind and my jiggly thighs with respect? I decided I would spend time this weekend figuring out the answer to that question.

My excuses:
1) I have kids
2) I have a demanding job with a commute from the seventh circle of hell
3) My husband is a workaholic who travels all the time

Ok. These are ridiculous excuses. It's not like I have an ailing parent to tend to, a pending bankruptcy, a husband stationed overseas. I have a great life, it's simply busier than I would have imagined for myself. So I have got to get a grip. And getting a grip, I will. And ninety pounds of animals will thank me.

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