May 2, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

Forget Myers-Briggs or any other typical personality tests out there. In order to detect the personalities of your children... all you need is a bucket and a field of strawberries.

Her sole mission was to eat the most strawberries possible, straight off the vine, with no intention of taking any home. She aimed to make as big of a mess as possible on her hands, her face, her clothes. She dug in the dirt and rolled around like a puppy in the grass. Another goal was to run through the fields, free as a bird, while claiming as much strawberry booty as possible. The strawberries, one by one, would have a bite or two removed, and then would be gingerly placed in the bucket. Pick, bite, bucket - on to the next one. There was round after round of gleeful laughter and excitement at being outdoors.
Personality interpretation: fun-loving, child of nature, goes with the flow, a bit of a mess externally and may need nudging to dress appropriately or bathe regularly in the future, overly considerate and dependable, athletic; will succeed well in a healthcare, agricultural or holistic career down the road.

His sole mission was to get away from the fields and to leave with an empty bucket, not from eating the strawberries like his sister, but because a bucket with anything inside of said bucket irritated him to no end. The tractor in the corner of the field was considered awesome, as well as the flags to mark the picking. The strawberries, however, were stupid and he preferred to be stalking the tractor. He was excited to see his sister at work ("awww, sissy, you got berries!"), but could have cared less about finding any for himself. However, once back in the car, he goes to great lengths to brag about all the strawberries he had picked. Jason and I looked at each other and cracked up when he said, over and over, "I pick strawberries." Little fibber.
Personality interpretation: independent, fiercely strong-willed, smart as a whip, methodical and regimented with great attention to important details; will succeed well in the future and in business by inventing novel technologies that will probably make him filthy rich, but may have issues with taking credit for things others have done (e.g., "I pick strawberries")

We had a great day. Love to you all, from our field to yours.

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