June 19, 2010

Traveling Genius

I had heard that if you have a "spoon", he should be a traveling spoon... or the spoon should have little wooden siblings.... in the glovebox, the diaper bag, the bathroom drawer.

Well, Mr. Spoon (the one and only) traveled today in the diaper bag. The mere sight caused obedience and respect, and we had a fabulous, almost tantrum-free day.

Today, Mr. Spoon became a traveler.

Mr. Spoon made a brief, but powerful appearance on the table at IHOP, sitting next to the syrup. He sat on the armrest in the Pilot. He came out at the Bass Pro Shop, near the boats, and one more time eating Panda Express (yuck) in the Food Court.

The beauty about Mr. Spoon? He has only (ever) been used once. Once, in his little wooden lifetime.

One use made a one-time impression... and now, the mere sight of Mr. Spoon makes a two-year old little devil....become something of an angel.

Mr. Spoon, we salute you. Real wood of genius.

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