July 8, 2010

Grandparents. Oy Vey.

Okay, it is desperate times when there are two posts in approximately two hours.

My folks (a/k/a the Grandparents: Mia and Papa) watched James for five days, and I doubt not that they all had a fabulous time.

But holy cows... if that child did not come back ten times the mini-demon he was before he left. I know, I know... he received undivided attention for all that time. There were no "sharing" issues. He was the Prince among princes. I get it.

And Stella. She was here with me. She loved having the whole house to herself. She was quiet and happy.

I meshed these two kids back together today, and you'd think we were on a re-run of Super Nanny, the Terror Children Edition.

Only where was the help? It was hilarious, really. The mayhem, the screams, the throwing of toys, the intentional spilling of plates (twice!) and the tantrums (infinity). I will apologize in advance to our nanny who will be stuck with playroom cleanup tomorrow - I cannot bear it. I have to work tonight...and I cannot bear it.

Grandparents are really moles. They infiltrate the family with their warm fuzzy ideas, new toys and feelings, and spoiling the kids stinking rotten... then they cause the kids to unknowingly form a secret underground society against the parents. God love the grandparent. But all you parents out there... we don't have a shot as long as grandparents are around! We will always be in the doghouse!

Today on the drive home, as James was writhing in his carseat (while holding a brand new undeserving milkshake, mind you), he was muttering "Mia, Mia, Mia." And I'm thinking, Well, there you have it. I'm just Mom. And I stink.

Ugh! How spoiled do I sound?

Well, you see.. it's because I am spoiled.

See....I had these two awesome grandparents growing up and....

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