July 8, 2010

He's Baaaaack!

James is back from a five day visit with the G-parents in Savannah. He smells so bad from all the rotten he is. And now, James and Stella (Batman and Robin) are back together again.

They are, at this very moment, eating raisins and standing in chairs at the table. Whatever. I have lost control. I admit this. I say sit down. They stare at me like I have spoken Chinese. Stella mocks me with, "sit sit sit," which sounds like a trio of expletives.

I threaten James with Mr. Spoon. James says, "Mr. Spoon is brown. And mad." Although, I think he's still scared of the spoon, the comments about the spoon's color are disturbing, and I think Mr. S is losing his powers. I've lost mine, so why shouldn't the wooden utensil.

I racked my brain on the drive back about what to cook them for dinner. Once the chaos landed, I figured it out. Tonight is going to be a five course meal, starting now, with the raisins.
Raisins, Crackers, Cheese Sticks, Applesauce, Banana.

And if they are still hungry, we'll start over with raisins. I just cannot bring myself to fight the dinnertime battle tonight. I think I'm actually in real shock from having two kids in the house again.

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Suzy said...

Sister, you and me both. We just got off of the airplane ride from H*ll and I'm in no mood to cook for my demon child. Could it be a full moon or something?!?