July 28, 2010


I am in such a rut. I am coming to the realization that maybe I was born into a rut, and really only pop OUT of the rut every so often. At least that's what it's starting to feel like.

Not sure why. Again, I am thinking I will just blame my horrible commute. The job, the kids, the family, the husband, the socks, the boogers, the poop - taken alone -are not issues. Standing alone, each is perfect. Well, maybe not the poop and boogers. The true Rut-o-Rama comes from the collective giant, the massive hulk of living this life, trying to have it all, do it all, be all. A supersized extra value meal of life is difficult to digest.

Rut-o-Rama may be the actual residence of motherhood. You give birth and move into the small town of Rut. On your way out of maternity leave, you camp out in Rutville. By the time, you have multiple children and are pulled in every direction but down for a nap, Rut-o-Rama is your main place of residence. Legally speaking, Rut-o-Rama is where the sheriff will serve you when you are sued by the Fashion Gods for wearing the same pants to work for three straight days. Oh, and Pooville is your vacation spot.

Maybe not.

Maybe not all of you mothers find a home in Rut, Rutville or Rut-o-Rama. You do, however, have your vacay home in Poovile, or you are NOT really a mother. But I think what turns my stomach the most: the sickening and annoying women out there, declaring: "oh motherhood is just so much fun" and other blah blah blahs in a cutsey voice.

Well, of course motherhood is a joy, a blessing, full of laughter and silliness. Motherhood is a million things. But fun? Now, that is just an insensitive and misleading (and stupid) analogy for motherhood.

Hollywood is usually the champion of the Motherhood Cult of Fun. But....Bridget Moynahan is my new hero. Well maybe not, but she had a damn good quote in this month's issue of SELF magazine.

Moynahan played Natasha on HBO's series Sex and the City, and was also in that Will Smith movie, with the robots (I, Robot?). Anyway, she has a baby with football star, Tom Brady. He apparently left her eight-months pregnant so he could play super studly man to Victoria's Secret model, Gisele Bundchen. Bundchen THEN gets perfectly pregnant, gives birth and says it "didn't hurt in the slighest" and other things like, "I only gained six pounds". Bundchen also posed for a swimsuit advertisement only five months after giving birth.

Moynahan says: "Certain individuals...present motherhood as if it's easy or painless...and that's irresponsible."

Darn straight, lady. And way to go with poking a jab at Gisele. I'd like to run her perfect body over with a tractor trailer or force feed her Krispy Kremes, but a printed quote is pretty awesome too.

All you mothers out there who are visiting, residing or wallowing in Rut-o-Rama... I am with you. Maybe collectively, we can figure this all out, find the answers. Or at least a prescription drug for it.

For now, I'm going to find some chocolate.


stephanie said...

Great post. I too reside in rutville, although I blame it on the 2 1/2 hour bedtime routine we currently have going on. Which literally leaves no time for anything else. Except pumping. There's always the pumping...

Mere said...

oh stephanie... i cannot bear the thought. i feel like we are out of that now.. but toddler-life is a mess too. it's all a mess. motherhood is a blazing hot mess.