July 21, 2010


I had Lasik surgery on Monday. I have spent the last two days wearing sunglasses like the Terminator and praying that my children do not fork me in the eyeballs or derail my new vision. The crucial period following Lasik is one week. I have to make it through the next five days.

I have never known such fear. The scary anticipation that I could go blind from my very own children. I did not feel this fear in the doctor's office right before the surgey. But I feel it at home. I feel safest at work, sitting in front of my computer, moving my head slowly, nobody sneaking up on me, no sneaky fingers slipping in from the side of my face (at least I hope not. That would be an HR nightmare, let me tell you).

But back at home this evening, I feel crazy fear. And I know the sunglasses are to block me from harm...but wearing shades inside....horrible. This means the munchkins can sneak around underfoot, and I'm having a difficult time really seeing them. I cannot anticipate the flying train or soaring book as easily as I could without the shades. But I dare not remove them.

I dare not!

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