August 5, 2010

BlogVice: Discipline 101

Ha ha. Fooled you! I have absolutely no practical advice about discipline. If I could reign in the insanity which is my house, I could make millions.

Mr. Spoon works (sometimes). Time-out works for a reasonably mild-mannered child. If you've got a hitter or a biter, then what in the world is time-out going to do? The kid is just going to sit in the time-out chair, swatting and chomping at you. Then there's the naughty hat, the naughty mat, the naughty stool. Super sad face stickers. Taking away toys, books, blankies. And talking to the kids. I laugh at the's not like you can really talk to a tantrum.

However, despite all the discipline successes and failures, Jason and I have managed to have these great, well-behaved kids (for everyone else). They are absolute angels for teachers, grandparents, etc.... And to me, that means we are doing something correctly.

I have read and read about discipline, and the one thing pops up constantly: discipline should remain consistent.

Well, actually.... I find that discipline tends to work best when the kids don't know what's coming. Kinda like, oooooh, what's Mommy going to do next? Mommy is craaaazy. Better not test her. You know, keep them on their toes. That may be the stupidest thing you've ever read. But I already warned you, I have no advice about this.

As Stella rounds the corner to the terrible twos, James seems to be simmering down. He's sweet and delicious and hilarious. The tantrums still rear super ugly heads, but the spacing between is longer. Someday I am going to look back on all of this and laugh, and even miss these times. I know it.

Still, I say kids need to know who is Boss.

However, sometimes, it's pretty clear.... the boss ain't me.

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The Brooks Family said...

I must tell you that Logan is quickly approaching his 7th birthday, and I still have no advice on discipline. I just don't get it. He is perfect at school and karate and for basically any other adult. At home the horns come out. I cannot understand and have agreed with my husband that we probably never will. The only thing we have really learned is that we must constantly be on our toes and ready to switch things up on the spot. We have tried it all and sometimes still go back to trying it all.... all over again. But, in the end, if he is well behaved and kind with others, we feel pretty blessed!! So, don't be alarmed if you still feel the same exact confusion over discipline five years from now :) My husband and I are firm believers that some people are just blessed with "easy" kids... LOL :)