August 31, 2010

Dear Babies...

Sometimes I cannot believe I am lucky enough to know you babies, let alone call you mine. Here's a list of the things I love about you, and all the things that are amazing in my eyes.

Smart. Beautiful. Sweet.
Sensitive. Determined. Loveable. Creative. Silly. Structured. Thoughtful. Generous. Logical. Intuitive. Kind. Wise. Protective. Unexpected. Comforting. Musical. Amazing. Strong. Engaging. Huggable. Wonderful. Tender. Shocking. Intense. Snuggable. Loud. Funny.
Artistic. Awesome. Friendly.

Half of my heart.

Smart. Beautiful. Sweet.
Lovely. Silly. Musical. Strong. Joyful. Calm. Athletic. Daring. Patient. Kind. Caring. Huggable. Adorable. Considerate. Creative. Wonderful. Precious. Amazing. Affectionate. Stunning. Agreeable. Surprising. Gentle. Free-spirited. Charming. Quiet. Soulful. Funny.
Adventurous. Fabulous. Friendly.

The other half of my heart.

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