August 25, 2010

Holy Guacamole

My co-worker frequently says holy guacamole, and it still makes me giggle. Tonight, was a small holy guacamole incident. But I think only because the locale was near margaritas.

My husband happened to be home early and we pulled the herd to the local Mexi joint. The kids were good. I mean, shockingly good. Good to the point that I started checking for birthmarks and sniffing their hair.

So, near the end of dinner I tell James, thank you for being such a good boy. Well, that was just plain stupid, because in case you didn't know, "thank you for being such a good boy" is actually a secret code for unlocking the baby beast. No sooner were the words out of my mouth, and a bloody temper tantrum began. And I'm still befuddled as to the cause of it. I actually welcome the terrible threes, because at least the threes are something different. The terrible twos tantrums are boring.

In other news, I get the sneaking suspicion that someone is after my husband.

Now, I do not say after my husband like he has a hit out on him. And I do not say someone as if I do not know who this person is. I know exactly who she is. And this appears to be of case of good old fashioned attempted man-stealing. And holy guacamole, if she is crazy enough to try that, God help her. At least, Jason and I can laugh about it, because the ten foot pole rule totally applies here (and may actually be stretched to a twenty foot pole in this situation).

Regardless of the ew factor, I may be a bunch of things - but neither mild mannered, nor completely sane is really one of my attributes.

Afterall, part of my wedding vows went something like: in sickness and in health and even after I serve seven to ten for clubbing that woman who was after you.

I kid, I kid. Holy guacamole!

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