August 11, 2010

My Purse

I am not going to commentate on these pictures. Instead, I am just presenting facts, for the sake of record keeping.

The fact is: James has taken over Stella's purse. He holds it specially in one hand, while saying indignantly, "This is James' purse."

He stops for bit to gingerly pack the purse, stuffing his comb, wind-up toy whale and a book inside. There's a tiny bit of prancing going on, but not more than I've seen from any other boy toddler.

Stella looks on, confused, but eventually gets up and heads for the Thomas trains, sputtering vrooom vrooooom and moving the trains around the room.

I'm smiling like crazy. These are the reasons you have kids. For the sake of pure humor.

I now have a picture of my son packing a purse. I cannot wait for the slideshow at his wedding rehearsal dinner.

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