August 16, 2010

Screw Rutville

I have been living in Rutville, or similar town (Rut-o-Rama, etc.) for over two years, and I am so tired of it.

Therefore, I'm putting my Rutty house for sale, and I'm moving out. But where will I go?

First, I will try Get My Buns Moving Land, and see how that goes. Once I get settled there, I will find a second home in VeganVille or Please Slap That Food Outta My Hand Land.

I am almost certain that residency in Rutville is directly porportional to how little time I have. Actually, not just time. Time for myself. Time to actually work out, shop for and cook healthy food, take care of myself.

So like the Shawshank Redemption, I best get my tiny hammer and chisel out of my secret compartment Bible, escape and get busy living.

Kids are amazing and funny and sweet. But they take up an unfathomable amount of resources and time. Without getting myself centered as a person first, and then a mother, I fear I am going to move into Rut-o-Rama permanently. Live like a crazy old lady with nineteen cats, and cursing the whole time I live there. Complete rut. And what good can I be for my kids, then?

Like I said, I'm moving out of Rut. I have signed myself up (and Jason!)for a duathlon in October (think: triathlon without the swim leg), which consists of a 10k run and a 20 miles bike. There are no duathletes (especially triathletes) living in Rut-o-Rama, so this is my first hard-nosed move to get out.

Keep ya posted.

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