September 7, 2010

Only the Only

I was an only child. The weird quiet kid with no siblings. Okay, so I wasn't quiet. Still. Having sibilings is a complete enigma to me. Raising siblings, for me, is one flight into the cuckoo's nest.

These babies are the craziest, most pasionate two monkeys I've ever imagined. Monkey See, Monkey Do. They are practically Irish twins, and I think of the more as Irish Travelers, picking from your pockets and creating new schemes with every move.

Regardless of the pains and scares they cause, I am glad they have each other. I am thankful that they are able to be siblings, together and playmates. I missed out on that a little. And for all the crazy mothering I do (or don't do), I do know....I did something right by having two.

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