September 26, 2010

Take Me Out of the Zoo

Trip to Zoo Atlanta today. The Atwood monkeys should be glad they were not abandoned at the monkey exhibit. What a day! Seriously though, the zoo was fun. The trip started a little rough when I almost got in a brawl with the ticket people. I had a coupon and they wouldn't take it. As the Expert always says: Save a dollar, lose your mind. Coupons never seem to pan out for me.

Anyway, James and Stella both enjoyed the animals. Lots of oooohs and what's that! type of excitement. Those two kids are just so busy - what a struggle to keep up with both of them. I think they whisper to each other: quick, distract the old people - you go this way, I'll go that way! They are baby ninjas.

Highlight of the day was, for sure, the petting zoo, where James screamed "pet it! pet it!" but would not pet the goats, and Stella used a goat brush for her own mane.

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