October 25, 2010

Baby Food for Thought

I gave up a long time ago on fixing healthy, delicious tasting anything for the kids.  I tried vats of spaghetti, chicken, mashed potatoes - all freezed to perfection and ready to go.  I hid baby food in the sauces, and the kids used to like it.  Seems like when both kids hit about twenty-two months, they gave up on everything.  And so did I. 

Nothing will send a working mother into a state of "who cares" like a plate of uneaten, homemade spaghetti thrown at freshly laundered clothes.

So, slowly I gave up.  Dinnertime became a total crapshoot.  Yes, they loved chicken.  Yes, they hated chicken. They love broccoli.  Then they hate broccoli.  On Mondays, we love quesadillas.  Tuesdays, no way. 

Well, enter the Expert.  King of all knowing everything. Because I have given up on the cooking, he steps in.  A God-send, you say.  Yes and no.  He picks up the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook and starts with the Mac & Cheese.  Except our recipe is the one that substitutes a can of white beans for something that is otherwise delicious.  All day Sunday, it's healthy cook-a-palooza for the kids.

The Expert emerges from a cloud of flour with blueberry muffins made with yogurt, whole wheat flour, squash puree (!) and flax meal.  There's a loaf of banana bread with cauliflower puree and banana baby food.  There's some sort of Crockpot chicken dish.

Turns out, the adults (me and the Expert) actually like the food.  I am gobbling up baby food muffins. I am licking the bowl of the bean puree mac & cheese. The Expert ate a half loaf of banana bread standing in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the kids are less than thrilled at the vitamin packed booby prizes. (Surprise, surprise).  And I believe the quote of the day comes from James:  I no like those muffins. Yucky.  While Stella looked at her chicken, saying, no no no no. 

Next stop. Spam on toast. I'm sure spam has some redeeming qualities.

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