October 23, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Today was out with the crib, in with the toddler bed.  James officially turns three on Monday.  Time to get out of the crib.  I guess.

Apparently, one toddler bed equals zero nap. 

A toddler bed also equals random jumping, singing of songs, pulling open of drawers and no less than fourteen attempts at escape.  Okay, just fine for naptime.  Annoying, but not fatal. So long as said toddler bed does not equal zero nighttime sleep, we shall survive.

At least I was smart enough to put the doorknob guard on the inside of the door.  Ole Houdini is, at least, contained.  Lest my ultimate fear of two beady toddler eyes staring back at me in the middle of the night become a reality.

So the toddler bed was in place.  Which meant the crib was out.  One day in parenting you're in...and the next day, you're out.  Sorry, I cannot wait for the Project Runway finale... 

Anyway, we had some initial trouble with the crib takedown.  First, the screws on the crib, a little worn, stripped, rusted, and beaten down. Then a near arm amputation when Stella decided to assist.  I told the Expert, look, just go get your Skil saw and get this thing outta here

At that point, one of us mentioned that maybe we should save the crib, just in case.  At the mere mention, I broke out in some sort of rash, and that was that.  Crib is in the pile for the weekly trash pickup. Unless someone wants it (email me now).  But that thing has to go, one way or another.

Everyone says that one day I'll miss the baby time, the cribs, the pacis.  I love these kids, and I adored them as babies. But I am ready for adult children. Only fifteen or so more years to go. And then, they are not really adults, but eighteen year old babies who think themselves big and bad and grown up.

Someone really ought to pass a law that requires a disclaimer to be attached to every single bed sold in the United States.

WARNING: The activities on this piece of furniture are life changing and may cause loss of life and significant memory loss. While it's fun to say "yes yes yes," most likely it will lead to twenty years of saying "no no no" in some other-worldly screeching voice, directed towards people in your house who, clearly, are not listening. You have been warned.


Watching James all tucked in at naptime (for sixteen seconds) was tad sad.  Just a tad.

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The Toddler said...

OMG, Mere, I LOVE the end of this post ... hilarious! The demise of a crib isn't so terribly bad ... although, we use the baby gate barrier to keep our toddler in her cage at naptime/nighttime ...