October 26, 2010

Give Me that Sweater!

So I work with a girl who wears a leopard print cardigan every so often. I am friends with her.  And I love this cardigan. 

I have asked her nicely to hand over the sweater to me several times. 

She refuses.

Not only that, she doesn't tell me where I can find one.  It's about to get ugly.  Any suggestions about how I can get this sweater from her....without causing a physical altercation (read: HR nightmare), please email me.  I need this cardigan!  I need it!

If I take a lesson from my kids, I should just walk up to her, snatch it off her back, and then run in circles around the office, saying "I take it! I take it!" 

Or, I could pop her square in the forehead with a plastic bear, and when she is surprised, pull some Three Stooges manuever and take it. 

I could offer a lame bribe, like a half eaten banana, "Here, lady. Have my banana for sweater."

I'll keep you posted.  But I expect to have that cardigan by Christmas.


Jennifer said...

I like the image of you running around the office screaming, "I take it!!" That one's a good plan!

Mere said...

That's what I'm going to do to you on Friday.... I'm coming to your house and kidnapping you for the party!!! And I'll say, "I've got her! I've got her!"