October 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary & Application to the CIA

Wedding vows are funny words. For better or for worse. For richer or for poorer. After nine years of marriage and two kids checked off the list, I can think of so, so many more relvant vows. 

I promise to love you even when you leave a dirty diaper on the couch.. to steam and fester and permeate the air....all night long. 
I swear to love you, even when you show up, serious as can be, for a middle-of-the-night baby emergency... wearing nothing but your birthday suit and knowing completely well that no "real" emergency can be tended to in the nude.

And you swear to love me when my normal voice has actually morphed into a constant screeching and I have blown up to size of giant sumo wrestler.

This blog entry serves as our 9th anniversary tribute, as well as our official application to the CIA.  I figure that we are as good a spy couple as any, considering the photos submitted contemporaneously herewith. 

Over nine (married) years together and thirteen total, the Expert and I have changed individually and together. And I am proud to say - most often we have changed for the better. Sometimes not so much.

I love you, my darling Expert husband.  When we first started dating, you had not a single gray hair on your head, and I had not a hideous stretch mark on my body.  You are now covered in gray hair, and well... we'll just leave off that last part about me.

Back in the beginning, we had big dreams and loud mouths (oh, wait...that still applies). Just now our dreams are a even a little bigger and our mouths a little louder, but really that reserved for the kids: you sit down now, stop hitting your sister, give that back to your brother, dear God, stop that!
We have gotten fatter and thinner together, and fatter again. I am hoping that this will be the year of getting thinner again, because the fatter thing is getting to be a little boring.

I like that you can still make me laugh, even when I'm so stinking mad I could spit nails. Into your eyeballs. And then re-spit them into your ears. And you make me so mad, you do.

But because of you, I am happier and more content that I ever thought possible. Although you say I am too much of a grouch to ever be completely happy, I assure you that I am as happy as I am capable of being. So give me a break, already. I'll never be that "hooray!" or "goody!" girl with squeals of zealous excitement. I missed out on the goody gene.

That being said, if I were capable of saying the word "goody", I would say it for you.  I love you so, I do. You are the strongest, sweetest, smartest, silliest, and most supportive man I know.  

Happy anniversary!  I can't wait for another nine years of skinny bliss.

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