October 22, 2010

Old Married Life

I am in the bedroom with my iPad, watching a new law drama on the DVR, and chilling out with my snack of choice: Goldfish and cab sav. The kids are in bed after a ridiculous attempt at a dinner at the loco Mex joint. The Expert, who I have barely seen this week, is holding the living room television hostage with "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" after grumping about how he never gets to watch anything he wants to watch (yes, while the credits of Ultimate Fighter are rolling in the background).

So I grabbed my pile of junk and staked out the bedroom.

After nine years of marriage, are we finally at the point where Friday night constitutes a break from anything and everyone, spouse included? I think I would be just fine if I had known the great old married people wall was being built so soon. I thought I had at least five more years before the retreats to separate corners commenced. But I must admit, I am enjoying myself just fine. But I wouldn't mind his stinky butt sitting next to me about now. Rubbing my stinky feet. This situation must be remedied quickly. I'm not giving in to old married life yet...

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