October 12, 2010


James was playing with his you-know-what in the tub. It was a little too much.  But that's a toddler boy for you. It was getting late. Tub time was wearing me down. I was tired.  And without thinking, I said, "Hey, dude, quit that playing with your wiener." 

Well..... the kid started giggling uncontrollably, repeating "Wiener! Wiener! My wiener! I play with my wiener!" He is lauging like crazy, and I am dying, thinking Dear God, this is what he is going to say all day at school tomorrow. He's that kid! Noooooo!

A+ parenting.  Yet again.


Aly said...

This post cracked me up. London actually calls it...Wiener. You can thank his father for that one. He is only 19 months old but the word "wiener" is clear as day!

Staci said...

I personally would rather my child be "that kid" than the kid with nothing funny to say! He's all "boy" for sure!! :)