November 2, 2010

Adventures in NO!

You've heard of a Yes Man?  Well, Stella is a No Girl.   Her response to everything: No!  And she has this snotty little country accent to boot, which actually makes no sounds like new.

Her use of no is like a staccato note.  Ping!  No!  Stella come here.  No!   Let's brush our teeth.  No! 

Neither of my kids have issues with no.  The Terrible Twos and the Terrible Threes are running rampant with no.  Strangely, neither of my munchkins actually says yes.  When James wants something, he'll just repeat what you asked.  And as I said, Stella just says no.

Me:       Do you want some milk? 
James:  Want some milk.
Stella:   No!
Me:       Do you want cheese on your sandwich?
James:  Want some cheese.
Stella:   No!

And on it goes. Little two feet tall creatures telling me no no no, and then laughing about it.  What's a girl gotta do to get some respect around here?

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