November 22, 2010

BlogVice: Happy Noodles

Hiding healthy food (veggies, fruits, wheat germ) in a typical kid food is not novel genius. I am sure mothers have been doing for years. I added jars of baby food peas and beans to spaghetti without thinking. Only Jessica Seinfeld was smart enough to put it down on paper and has made millions off the concept with her book.   Mrs. Seinfeld complicates things with her homemade purees.  I say insert organic baby food and what's the difference?

Anyway, our house has tried several of Seinfeld's kid recipes, courtesy of the Expert. The kids hate them.  The adults love them. 

As the Expert and I were snacking on muffins, I asked him:  So, we're actually eating squash puree, right?  And that grossed me out. Why would I need to hide vegetables from myself?  I eat vegetables.

Anyway, tonight I hit the jackpot.  Good ole boxed mac & cheese with a healthy kick.

Organic boxed mac & cheese
1/4 c frozen cauliflower
1/8 c frozen spinach
1 small jar squash baby food

Chopped everything up teeny tiny. Mixed it together with the baby food.  Ew.  But the kids liked it, and that's a pretty healthy little dinner. Take that Jessica Seinfeld and your 45 minute butternut squash puree.

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