November 10, 2010

BlogVice: Potty Training Boys (and the winner is...)

Congratulations to BlogVentures reader, Bonnie, for her sage advice on potty training boys! She is the winner of the AMEX Giftcard!  Bonnie is mom to (successfully potty trained) Andre and sweet baby girl, Selah.  She's beautiful, smart and talented...and her husband is an Ironman!  A wonderful family. Check our her blog at:

Bonnie suggested Fisher Price's "Precious Planet Froggy Potty," saying it was the best $12 she ever spent for potty training her son. It's now about $13, but still, I bought two - one for upstairs and down. We haven't started the training yet, but already James is so excited about the potty. In talking about the potty training, he says "I go in my froggy potty." Bonnie recommended it especially for boys because of the cool look AND because of the high front part and easy empty feature ("There is no lid to open or “cup” to knock over. It’s GREAT!!")

In addition, Bonnie recommended the Potty Scotty doll, which is an anatomically correct boy doll that drinks and goes potty, complete with book and DVD.

I received some great advice. Thank you all!

Other honorable mention potty advice:

1) Simply waiting until the boy is ready and decides to potty train himself. One reader said that her son simply announced "ready" one day. She followed her same advice with her other two children, for a total of three successful (and stress-free) potty trainings. I believe I am going to use this idea along with the froggy potty. Will kee you all posted.

2) Letting the little boy pick out his "big boy" underwear and putting him in the underwear without a diaper. Apparently, the "wet" feeling doesn't go well for them, and they learn to use the potty quickly. Although the reader suggested that "in 3 weeks" he would be trained. This makes me wonder how wet my furniture and carpets would be with three weeks of accidents!

3) Buy a "potty toy" that he can play with on the potty only;

4) Rewards with stickers and M&Ms; and

5) Charting each potty with a sticker.
Thank you all for your helpful advice and funny stories! Stay tuned for our next contest.

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