November 4, 2010

Three Years of Tears

I can't get my three year old kid to stop crying at bedtime. The screaming, the fussing into the wee morning hours. Yes, we are fresh off of puke-a-palooza part deux, and yes I understand he may be frightened. We are nice, sympathetic pushover parents. We have rocked and coddled, and now we are paying the price.

I don't really believe that, though. I have ex-friends who are pushover parents. Its not really our style. I think it more likely that monkey boy had a taste of the fun times co-sleeping during the puke-a-thon and now there shall be hell to pay. The Expert and I are now resigned to hiding in the bedroom at night, lights off, hoping the kid doesn't hear/see us, and perhaps this will reduce the screams.

What is this all about? I feel like am reliving a newborn. Does it mean he will grow up to be a brilliant person? Does that three year old understand ways of the world that we cannot understand...and he's tormented by all the beauty in the world like American Beauty? Or is he just a stinker out to get my goat?

He better watch it. He who gets mommy's bound to get kicked by said goat!

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