November 18, 2010

Love Thyself

Today, I am thirty-one years old.

I stood in my kitchen and I counted to my son, I am 1-2-3-4-5... All the way up to 31 years old. Surprisingly long number to count. He grew bored during the process and walked off.

And our nanny's five year daughter wished me a happy birthday today and her eyes grew huge when I told her my age.

I have no wisdom in my old age. All I have learned over these past few years (and most strongly in the last few months) is that one must love thyself. I have people who love me. But lots of folks in this world either don't love me or only pretend to love me (even worse). So at the end of the day I am left with those few people who do love me...and me. If I can't give myself a break every once in a while and love me....what can I offer these kids of mine?

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