November 6, 2010

Princess Poop & Kid for Sale

I took off for a little 5k run this morning, which was fabulous. I returned from my lovely little morning with a detailed report from the Expert. It went something like this:

"So this morning, I went to wake up your daughter, and I smelled poo as I was walking up the stairs."

I laugh at this. Like I haven't been slapped by the poo curtain coming up the stairs before. I tell him this and he glares at me. Whatever. Go on, I urge him.

"Okay, when I walked into the room, I could tell that she had somehow wiggled out of her jammies - yes, the zip-up ones. And not only that, I could see that she had also wiggled out of her diaper."

I am laughing again. Yes, she has done this before too, I say. More glaring from the Expert.

"Oh yeah?" says the Expert. "Well, has she ever taken off all of her clothes, her diaper and then copped a squat and laid a poo in the corner of the crib?"

Nope, I tell him. That's a first!

Stella is awesome. That girl is turning into such a renegade, and a renegade who is turning two. We have our hands full with our terrible three year old, and now we have our terrible two girl coming up - making us proud. These kids are crazy. Oh, but we love them.

However, James (who is also awesome) is also officially for sale again.

I took him off the market for awhile, but he's back on the auction block. After four consecutive
nights of waking up to the tune of Twinkle,
Twinkle and loud squeals of "Mommmmmy!" My
Dinosauuuuurrrr!", we are taking offers again.

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