November 12, 2010

The Things to Love

My style is to vent and rant about motherhood (especially about other idiotic parents), tell silly happenings with my two monkeys, and every once in a while post something that gets me several dozen angry messages, just for the hell of it.

Motherhood has a fair share of heartbreak (mostly sleepiness and monotony), but there are a million things to love about being a parent.  Today I am home with the kids and thinking about the things to love about being a mom
1)  Sesame Street.  Enough said. The shows are often ridiculous, but when James Blunt sings "My Triangle" to the tune of "You're Beautiful," who can resist?

2)  Biscuits for breakfast, anytime.  And squeals of excitement about biscuits to boot.

3) A refined sense of smell.  A decline in sense of style.  I'm headed straight for an express order of Pajama Jeans.

4) The humor.  The funny things kids say.  The Expert and I have struggled with appropriate names for private parts and what we should call them (for the kids, of course...I don't mean in life, in general).  We sort of settled on "pee pee" and "beans."  Not sure where that falls in the appropriate spectrum.  But we have always called Stella's girl parts "beans."  James apparently mistook beans for poop. For example, I change Stella's diaper and James will say: "Does Sissy got beans?" meaning, does she have a poopy diaper.  Funny. But now I think he has made the connection. While changing his diaper he said, "I no got beans. I got balls."  Now, where he heard that....I do not know. 

And right now, he was playing the basil garden and said to himself:  "Mr. James, how ya doing? Oh, oh, I just fine. Thank you!"   Funny stuff.

5) The snuggle factor.  With kids, you always have a warm little sack of thirty pound potatoes to hug. I guess the same is true for puppies.  Hmmm.  And puppies are cheaper, and arguably less messy.  Oh! But puppies don't grow up, leave the house and come home for clean laundry and Thanksgiving.

6) Learning more about myself.  I have learned that I am more patient, more forgiving and less selfish than I believed possible.  Having kids has brought out alot of good in me.  Motherhood may have brought out other undesirable traits, though: stretchmarks, bad hair, failure to keep up with the times.  But the overall benefits win.

7) I have a greater appreciation for my parents.  They are still crazy, yes. (Love you, Mom & Dad).  But now I understand why.  It's my fault.  I am now crazy.  Which is James and Stella's fault.  During childbirth, the unconditional love gene kicks in, and your brains are now toast. Or swiss cheese, as my friend says.  Brain loss, however is a thing "not to love" about motherhood.  Although it does create valid excuses for stupid things, like wearing sunglasses on top of my head while viciously searching for them.

8) The Expert and I are less likely to toss money out the car window since having kids. In the back of our minds, each finanical transaction can potentially effect their futures.  I worry about retirement and savings alot more now.

9) Lazy fall days. Although I am working a little today, I am able to work from the back porch while watching the kids play in the leaves and dump water from old pots on each other.

10) Children create an excuse to wear stickers and talk in weird voices. All day long.

11) Holidays are far more special.  "Oooh, that's a big turkey!" and "Oh, my goodness, a real jingle bell!"

12) Goldfish, animal crackers and teeny tiny snackfood in general.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Maeve's Momma said...

Great list :) And I'm asking my husband for pajama jeans for Christmas. Brilliant!