November 30, 2010

Who You Are

I've always been in a hurry.  Around age twelve, I created my life as some sort of giant "to-do" list.  And one by one, I checked off things. And I checked them off in a fantasic bloody hurry. 

Even still, I feel the urge to run around like crazy, with my invisible list....and I'm not sure why.  What's my hurry? And really, what in the world is left on this magical list?  I graduated (check check check). Got married (check). Got fatter (check). Got skinnier (check).  Got fatter again (check). Got lawyered (check). Had babies (check check).  Got fatter (check). Obtained mortgage debt (check).  Moved to city (check).  Now needs therapy (check).

Now, I'm thirty-one and I'm looking back on the last ten years (like all these other old folks I know), and saying "those were the best times of my life."  

Don't get me wrong.  My life is good. Life is very good.  But I wish I would have just slowed down, taken some time to look around and see what I see now.  Then again, hindsight....well, it's 20/20.  And so are my eyes.  LASIK (check).

So I write another letter to my baby monkeys.

Dear Babies -

Take your time. Just slow down. Figure out what makes you happy, not what makes everyone else proud.  Your life is yours. You have to live in your own skin, with your choice of career, love, and location.  Better take time to savor it all, and determine what will make you the best you possible.  

One of my favorite bloggers says the idea that you should "do what you love" is bad career advice;  rather, you should do what you are

The biggest challenge is to figure out who you are.  But do it.  Take the time. Don't make a checklist. Figure it out, and maybe the rest will fall in place.

Your Crazy (check) Mom

P.S. - You and your dad were the best three boxes ever checked off my list.

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